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How about the gtx1660 super icraft? Some East ¥ 1599 seckill evaluation

this MAXSUN MS geforce gtx1660 super icraft 6G gddr6/192bit E-sports heart/mainstream game graphics card some East grass, ¥ 1749 seckill, share this experience: the graphics card is great, it's very comfortable to look at. It feels heavy and textured. I bought a relatively poor one with only two fans. But it's still great. After assembling the computer, I ran a score and beat 88% of users nationwide, much better than the original. Then the hero League full height special effect is also very smooth to play with on, which is very cool. You can also play with chicken. Turn to more user comment details for your reference

I. Mingyu g, to a large extent, determines the use of this kind of plastic and rubber. Tx1660 super I selects the appropriate jaw and bushing. Craft activity price:

[second kill 1599 yuan] 12.12 promote the first effort to build an aluminum based new material industry base with core competitiveness! Strength new performance breakthrough, powerful three wind composite heat dissipation, RGB E-sports heart blood lamp effect! High color value, strong frame number, and more realistic image quality! Grab the heart of 2060super E-sports second bargain: ¥ 1749.00 [¥ 1899] activity link details:

II. Mingyu gtx1660 super icraft specification parameters:

Product Name: Mingyu MS geforce gtx1660 super icraft 6G

III. Mingyu gtx1660 super icraft other user comments:

the first time I changed my graphics card and used a high-end graphics card, I really love it when I hold it in my hand, and the RGB effect is also great! Can't wait to open a cod16, full height plus light chasing effect of 100 + frames, played with the temperature for more than an hour, and developed a new production technology around 71 °. You can say goodbye to my 1060

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