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Gou suggested that the mainland, Japan and Taiwan share the resources of the Diaoyu Islands equally. Ma Ying Jeou agreed with

[global comprehensive report] Taiwan's Wang Bao reported that in the face of the dispute over the sovereignty of the Diaoyu Islands, Taiwan's Hon Hai Group Chairman Terry Gou suddenly surprised on the 17th and hoped that the project team would propose the "East China Sea peace initiative" in the follow-up research and development, with the "San San Hui" as the driving leader, and promote the joint cooperation of civil organizations from the mainland, Japan and Taiwan, To develop the resources of Diaoyu Island, if possible, in terms of resource sharing, the three parties will share the resources of Diaoyu Island by 30%, and the other 10% will be reserved

Ma Ying Jeou was first invited to talk about governance at the "San San Hui" General Assembly on the 17th. Gou was the first to raise his hand after Ma Ying Jeou's speech. He said that in order to make this suggestion to Ma Ying Jeou, he stayed up late the night before to read the materials at more than 12 o'clock, and also found out Ma Ying Jeou's doctoral thesis published 27 years ago on November 18

Gou Taiming said that Ma Ying Jeou put forward the "East China Sea peace initiative" on August 5 this year. In fact, the idea of this initiative was seen in Ma Ying Jeou's doctoral thesis published 27 years ago. Gou also read an article in the paper to confirm that what he said was true

he advised Ma Ying Jeou that Chiang pin Kung, the former chairman of the Straits Exchange Foundation and now the chairman of the "San San Hui", was the best vanguard to call on the mainland, Japan and Taiwan to promote the joint development of Diaoyu Island resources

he said that Jiang Bingkun was familiar with Japan, and during his tenure as chairman of the Straits Exchange Foundation, he was skilled in mainland affairs, and the "San San Hui" was a significant non-governmental economic organization in Taiwan. He believed that the authorities could entrust the "San San tape peel strength testing machine is mainly used for plastic packaging composite film association" to convene the non-governmental economic organizations of the mainland, Japan and Taiwan, and promote the consensus of the three parties to jointly develop resources in the East China Sea through holding seminars or forums, Gradually realize the idea of the "East China Sea peace initiative"

he also said that the reason why the "San San Hui" is recommended is that the "San San Hui" is interpreted from another perspective, which can also refer to the civil society organizations of the mainland, Japan and Taiwan. If possible, the resources can be shared together by the packaging belt pull machine, or the "San San Hui" method, that is, the developed resources, the mainland, Japan and Taiwan can negotiate to get 30% of each, and the other one is the retention money

Gou's proposal immediately attracted a warm response from the venue. Ma Ying Jeou immediately responded, saying that he "agrees with this idea", and also promised that in future planning, private forces are very important and will take this part into account

(original title: Gou Taiming: China, Japan and Taiwan jointly develop three Diaoyu Island Resources)

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