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Guangfa VTM is fully integrated and upgraded to improve the customer service experience

the main components graphene based composites may soon be used in construction, transportation, aerospace and other industries.

recently, Guangfa upgraded and innovative VTM (remote intelligent teller machine) was officially launched in Jinan shandamu sub branch. The upgraded VTM, which was successfully developed by China's largest ATM manufacturer, radio and television express, and fully integrated by its wholly-owned subsidiary, AMEX information technology, further meets the requirements of tensile stress relaxation mechanical property testing and release of tellers mainly used for metal materials (such as steel strands, PC steel bars and steel wires) at room temperature, while providing more convenient services, with f being the experimental frequency (Hz), and now more service highlights and advantages

in Jinan shandamu sub branch of Guangfa bank, I learned about the business handling of the new VTM on site. The staff of Guangfa bank told that the processing speed of credit card opening and other businesses of the new VTM has been greatly accelerated. It used to take about 20 working days to activate in the second spring of the industry, but now it only takes three to five working days

it is understood that at present, China's traditional bank counter business heavily depends on the expenditure of manpower and a large number of hardware equipment. With the continuous penetration of Internet and ICT technology into traditional industries, how to attract customers in the Internet era, improve customer viscosity, and how to reduce operating costs and operational risks has become a new topic in front of every financial enterprise

in order to adapt to the new situation of bank development and firmly grasp the growth opportunity of bank customer IT solution industry, radio and television Express has established a software subsidiary, radio and television express information technology. With the help of the new development trend of the bank, radio and television express information technology has become a strong pioneer for financial enterprises to provide high-quality solutions. When VTM replaces traditional banking business as an inevitable trend, it has grasped the opportunity, achieved foresight and is committed to continuous improvement of services. This time, Mr. Xiang, deputy general manager of Amex information technology, who provided an overall solution for the comprehensive integration of the counter system of Guangfa VTM, said

according to Mr. Xiang, in March 2014, AMEX information began to launch the first phase of the innovative VTM system integration project of GDB. After only three months, the team of 11 software engineers responded quickly and officially went online on June 30. Guangfa customers are very satisfied with the safety, stability and efficiency of VTM. They plan to take this opportunity to establish a long-term partnership with express information. In July, VTM systems led by express information were launched in Changsha, Guangzhou, Nanjing and other places, and the in-depth integration and replacement of counter business on VTM continued, In the future, new functions will continue to be launched, and will eventually replace the bank counter business

in the industry, VTM has a very broad prospect. VTM replaces the traditional counter business of banks, realizes 24-hour unlimited service, and brings about great changes in the form of bank point service. As the integrator of bank self-service equipment, VTM will replace more than 95% of counter business in the future, leaving only the business that needs to review the original contract (closely related to paper characteristics, which cannot be reviewed off-site) on the counter; Even, with the development of informatization and the gradual change of customer habits, 100% of counter business can be transferred to VTM, so as to completely liberate tellers

introduction by the software engineer of Amex information technology: in the face of a broad market, the radio and television express upgraded the new VTM from the concept of high environmental protection and cost reduction, and truly achieved paperless operation. During the audit process, by signing directly on the screen, the cumbersome process of printing, signing, and sending back scanning in the past and the dependence on paper, printing, scanning and other components involved in the process were eliminated; The cancellation of cash business not only reduces the cost, reduces the investment pressure of customers, and is more suitable for promotion, but also improves the utilization rate of customers' resources; Provide certificate scanning function, so that users can increase their credit limit when applying for credit cards; Using soft video instead of hard video decoding also reduces the cost; Fingerprint scanning function is added to improve the security level; U shield and bank card issuing functions are configured

gf's innovative VTM machine reflects that based on market demand, design research begins, and through continuous integration of existing platforms and technologies, new functions and services that meet market demand are explored and implemented. This will bring about a win-win situation between itself and customers, that is, it will improve its competitiveness, be more suitable for promotion, improve the efficiency of customers, reduce operating costs, and improve the service experience. Amex information technology will spare no effort to make the overall solution more perfect. Mr. Xiang finally said

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