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The SCM system solution for the informatization construction of JAC Automobile Supply Chain Management SCM supply chain, as an effective enterprise cooperation mode, enables the operation and production management of suppliers, manufacturers, distributors and retailers to achieve integration and optimization, so as to complement the advantages of partners, so as to effectively reduce the cost of the supply chain and timely and accurately respond to market demand. According to their global strategic needs, multinational corporations make a unified layout of production and marketing on a global scale, preventing the construction of a global production system, that is, "globalization awareness, localized operation". In order to improve their core competitiveness, automotive multinational corporations mainly master the two high value-added links of core technology research and development and marketing, and outsource or transfer their production, processing and general design to other countries according to their comparative advantages. By adopting the global production system, automobile multinational corporations have globalized automobile development, procurement, production, logistics distribution, sales and after-sales service, and gradually formed a global supply chain management. Its purpose is to optimize resource allocation, improve resource utilization, reduce production and operation costs, and improve market response speed Enhance global competitiveness. "

supply chain management is not only limited to the coordination of internal functions of enterprises and the exchange of information and data between enterprises and suppliers, but also to promote the supply chain to the collaboration of all participants, including strategic planning and risk sharing. The information exchange between all levels is not limited to the exchange of relevant transaction data, but is based on the enterprise" purchase production inventory distribution " Therefore, in the production of PVC, the important information resources in the structure flow freely and synchronously in the supply network, and the cost can be reduced by optimizing the overall operation

raw material acquisition and cataloging

raw material acquisition and cataloging focus on the relationship between suppliers and manufacturers and their raw material acquisition process. Although there are many acquisition methods, the basic goal is to make the raw material acquisition process and make it more efficient. By tracking and recording the parts, characteristics, prices, ordering procedures and the supplier's own data, the catalogue provided by the supplier can be replaced. In this way, the SCM system can help purchasers compare between suppliers and between parts based on this information, so as to decide who to buy what parts from

collaborative purchasing

coordinates information communication between suppliers and manufacturers, provides query services for a variety of information, and provides production consulting for suppliers, so that suppliers can arrange their own production plans in advance to meet supply needs

production plan query. The system publishes the production plan to the supplier for query, so that the supplier can see the latest production status at any time, and then make preparations for production and delivery in advance according to the company's production plan, so as to improve the operation efficiency and cooperation efficiency of both parties

order management. The system publishes purchase orders on the, so that purchasing personnel and suppliers can process relevant operations through the Internet anytime, anywhere. The system will monitor the confirmation time of the supplier. If the supplier fails to reply within the specified time, the system will take the initiative to alert relevant personnel and notify them to handle it, so as to shorten the confirmation cycle of the purchase order and improve the operation efficiency and cooperation efficiency of both parties

ordered supply

according to the production characteristics of the company's products applicable to automobile interior and exterior trim parts, motorcycle exterior trim parts, electrical appearance parts and other production features, for some special suppliers, the actual production status of the production line and the configuration information of the whole vehicle are transmitted to the relevant suppliers, and the suppliers are required to order their goods according to the configuration and online order of the vehicle models and send them to the Jianghuai Automobile production line to realize synchronous production, Effectively reduce the inventory of the supply chain

market demand forecast

the supply chain management system can make an accurate forecast of sales demand based on historical information, combined with the order status fed back by the point of sale and the sales strategy of the sales department. At the same time, it can make an advanced plan and arrangement based on the current inventory information, production capacity and supplier status. The advanced planning arrangement can arrange what to produce, when and where to produce, taking into account the supply of raw materials, production capacity and the business objectives of the enterprise. Advanced scheduling can be used for detailed production scheduling and execution of production plans. At the same time, a coordinated supply chain plan is implemented to optimize production, distribution, transportation and procurement, so as to best meet the demand

inventory management coordination system

scm can optimize the inventory management of each link of JAC automobile through the inventory management coordination system, query the inventory status in real time, and find out some potential demand rules through the recording and analysis of the inventory status. Through the analysis of demand forecast, cost, profit and service level, an inventory strategy can be put forward to facilitate the company to make a trade-off between inventory cost and clearance cost, and it is very convenient to provide real-time inventory level query and monitor inventory status

distribution management system

exhibits cover a wide range. SCM can analyze the current distribution status of parts or finished products through the distribution management system, compare and select between different carriers, different transportation modes and different transportation routes, determine when and where to transport a large number of goods, and formulate a freight plan, so as to optimize transportation costs

supplier evaluation system

the purchasing department of the company regularly evaluates suppliers as required. Select the supplier to be evaluated and start the evaluation. The system will automatically calculate the actual performance data of the part defined as automatic evaluation according to the pre-defined evaluation policy and the corresponding evaluation rules to obtain the actual evaluation. For subjective evaluation items, the questionnaire can be automatically generated and published to relevant personnel. The completion of the questionnaire can be tracked and monitored. When the questionnaire is automatically calculated, the system will automatically generate the final evaluation results according to the performance scoring rules

the evaluation results are directly released to the evaluated suppliers. Suppliers can query the evaluation results and the performance objectives of the next period on their own, and continue to improve. The system shall also analyze the evaluation results, including goal achievement analysis, supplier comparison analysis, supplier historical performance, trend analysis, and next period goal setting

comprehensive query system

financial statement query: the system can publish statements, payment lists and other data to suppliers through the Internet. Suppliers can directly query and download reconciliation

quality report query: this part mainly aims at the statistical summary and calculation of some information related to quality. The purpose is to collect information about quality problems, find problems in time, and take corresponding measures to strengthen performance management

other report query: the system provides the company and its suppliers with the ability to query ERP inventory, consignment warehouse inventory, supplier inventory, inventory in and out query and monthly purchase, sales, inventory statistics through query report management, so that suppliers can know the latest information at any time. (end)

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