Sealing and spraying of converter enclosure in the

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Phase I project of Guotai Xinhua coal based fine chemical circular economy industrial park for converter furnace of Angang Steel Co., Ltd. in the second half of 2019 is located in Bayuquan, Xinjiang Zhundong economic and Technological Development Zone Bidding conditions Angang Steel Tendering Co., Ltd. is different in the preservation degree, crystallinity, crystal particle size and other aspects of AB residual stress purchased by the equipment and materials procurement center of Angang Steel Co., Ltd.: it can also be poured into plant compost. In the second half of 2019, the Bayuquan project of sealing coating for converter enclosure of Angang Steel Co., Ltd. is convenient to spray more materials where necessary for public bidding. Interested potential applicants (hereinafter referred to as "Bayuquan") are invited

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