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Schneider Electric has further upgraded its sales strategy in the Chinese market.

Schneider Electric has achieved sales coverage in these small and medium-sized cities, whether Golmud City, located in the hinterland of Qinghai, or the eastern coastal cities of Longyan and Quanzhou. Talking about the business expansion of Schneider Electric in small and medium-sized cities in recent years, Caowei, senior vice president of Schneider Electric China and head of the National Sales Department, was very excited

as the head of Schneider Electric's sales department in China, Caowei has focused on the implementation of Schneider Electric's urban coverage plan in the past two years. At present, Schneider Electric has achieved sales coverage of wire tensile testing machines in nearly 300 cities in China, and this number is still increasing

from 2011 to 2013, the urban coverage of Schneider Electric increased by nearly 100 in three years, most of which were distributed in the central and western regions. At present, the sales volume of newly developed cities has become an important part of Schneider Electric's business growth. In Caowei's view, in the next stage, small and medium-sized cities in the central and western regions will still be the main source of Schneider Electric's performance growth. Compared with the first tier cities in China and the large cities in the East, the former has a huge growth space

the first battle was won, and the urban coverage plan entered the intensive cultivation stage

for a long time, Schneider Electric has made timely adjustments to its development strategy according to changes in the external environment. Column 1 key research areas of digital economy demand materials are the key to Schneider Electric's ability to maintain a leading position in the market. In 2011, Schneider Electric formulated an urban development plan to expand regional coverage in the next three years, focusing on the central and western regions

3 years, the urban development plan has been steadily promoted. After the coverage layout of nearly 300 cities is completed, how to further tap the market opportunities of small and medium-sized cities is an important topic for Cao Wei

in 2014, small and medium-sized cities are still an important driving force for our performance growth in China. We should carry out intensive cultivation in every small and medium-sized city we have covered, and improve customer satisfaction while improving business output. Cao Wei's goal is very clear. However, how to do this, he gave his own answer

first of all, in his opinion, selecting appropriate sales personnel in small and medium-sized cities is the key to achieving performance growth in new urban sales outlets. In general, in addition to internal employees volunteering, Schneider Electric will select local sales personnel. After training these sales personnel for many times, Schneider Electric will also provide them with a special sales center to support their work

finding the right people, training in place and providing necessary support can ensure our new business growth in the new city. Caowei concluded that at present, the business of small and medium-sized cities is growing rapidly, and the sales amount of some new small and medium-sized cities has accumulated more than 100million yuan

characterization of metal mechanical properties in addition to making important contributions to the performance growth of Schneider Electric in China, the multi-point layout around this strategy also makes Schneider Electric gain a lot

in order to cooperate with the plan of expanding business in the central and western regions, Schneider Electric has established its second R & D center in China in Xi'an in the past two years. At the same time, the factory, logistics and customer service center have also settled in Wuhan. With the continuous expansion of the talent team and the continuous improvement of customer satisfaction, Schneider Electric's performance in China has also been steadily improved

partners upgrade to version 2.0

in the future, Schneider Electric's goal is still to develop at a level higher than the average market growth rate. In order to achieve this goal, in addition to relying on the urban coverage plan, Schneider Electric will also upgrade its project sales model with partners

if the previous sales model between us and our partners was version 1.0, we have upgraded this version to version 2.0. In the future, these two versions will exist at the same time. Cao Wei said

in order to be closer to users, Schneider Electric has gradually shifted its business development from the former business division orientation to the customer orientation. At present, industry key customers, partners and retail e-commerce have become the three major channels to the market

as an important help for Schneider Electric to expand the Chinese market, the partner sales model has always been a market development method that Schneider Electric attaches great importance to. In version 1.0 mode, Schneider Electric sells products with partners. After upgrading to 2.0 mode, we will sell equipment with partners. Cao Wei explained

in the cooperation with partners, Schneider Electric mainly cooperated with complete sets of electrical equipment manufacturers, integrators and OEM manufacturers to put products into their equipment. After upgrading to the 2.0 mode, in addition to the previous cooperation mode, Schneider Electric will also cooperate with the owner or the general contractor of the project to directly sell equipment and provide solutions

at present, the biggest challenge of the 2.0 model is to improve the relevant abilities and qualities of sales personnel. In Caowei's opinion, sales personnel should not only know the relevant performance of products like the palm of their hand, but also be proficient in system equipment and solutions

in order to support the upgrading of this sales model, Schneider Electric quickly promoted the combination of sales experts and product application experts within the team. Under this model, it means that each salesperson has a corresponding product application expert behind him, so as to effectively improve sales efficiency and customer satisfaction

it is reasonable to believe that, in the future, this Schneider Electric sales team composed of elite soldiers and strong generals, under the leadership of Cao Wei, will continue to practice its urban coverage plan, march into the west, dig deep into domestic demand and other strategies, take root in the Chinese market, and push the sales performance in China to a new height again

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