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Shantui sd16r bulldozer was selected into primary school textbooks

recently, Shantui sd16r sanitation bulldozer, which used these recycled materials or non separable recycled materials to make plastic alloy in Hongmiaoling waste sanitary landfill project, has quietly appeared in Fuzhou primary school textbook, Fuzhou garbage classification knowledge reader

Fuzhou Hongmiaoling recycling new materials industry is expected to benefit and usher in rapid development. As a regional key project, the environmental economy industrial park is the largest and most comprehensive forest type circular economy Ecological Industrial Park in China. All kinds of waste treatment in the park follows the goal of first-class in China and leading in the world, which has laid a solid foundation for waste classification in Fuzhou and opened up the last kilometer. Shantui sd16r sanitation bulldozer has made great contributions to the project due to its surging power and excellent performance, and has been highly praised by customers

the sd16r environmental sanitation bulldozer selected into Fuzhou primary school textbooks together with Hongmiaoling waste sanitary landfill site is developed by Shantui according to the needs of domestic urban environmental sanitation treatment site. It is suitable for waste landfilling, leveling, semi compaction, stacking and other operations in the waste site. It can also be used for waste. Therefore, this small signal must be amplified by an amplifier to pull the waste iron tank and treatment tank station, Urban environmental engineering treatment projects adapted to various situations

sd16r shows its prowess in environmental sanitation waste dumps everywhere

sd16r is equipped with 8.3m3 environmental sanitation shovel, which has strong cutting force and durability. It can cope with various working surfaces and effectively handle the operation tasks of environmental sanitation sites. It is an ideal operation machine for environmental sanitation treatment sites, wetlands and swamps

there is no doubt that a good brand has a good market, while it is rare for enterprise products to be selected into textbooks, which fully reflects the quality and integrity of Shantui, the public praise it has obtained from the society and the high recognition of the whole society. Talents are the lifeblood of regional and even national economic growth. Students are the masters of the future destiny of the country. Shantui will take this as the driving force, focus on product quality and service, and strive to build a world-class national brand

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