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Bottle sealing and separating device

patent name: patent applicant for bottle sealing and separating device Liby Parker Co., Ltd. address of the main applicant: G · Liby application (patent) No. of the inventor in Genoa, Italy 7. Application date: June 14, 2002 date of issue approval Announcement No. approval announcement date: November 3, 2004 CD-ROM No. d0444 main classification No. b67b7/00 classification No. b67b7/00 division original application No. priority abstract a device used to remove plastic elastomer seals from the opening of bottles or other glass containers. The device utilizes the dynamic pressure drop or pressure drop of the compressed air jet due to the contraction of the air jet, which is generated by incident of the jet onto the edge of the opening of the bottle or container or by setting an appropriate convex surface in front of the seal. Sovereignty item 1 A device for separating and extracting an extensible plastic elastomer film seal, which can also improve transparency. The seal is adhered to the opening edge (3bis) of a bottle (17) or other container (10), which is characterized in that the device includes any suitable nozzle (1), which can be fixed or inclined in any suitable way and is suitable for giving compressed air flow (7) in one direction and speed, any suitable stationary or movable support, The supporting member can properly position the nozzle (1), so as to position the air flow (7) at the edge of the opening (3) of a bottle (17) or a container (10) (3bis and then operate according to the speed requirements for testing the mechanical properties of the material in accordance with the current national standards and specifications), and include any suitable and sufficient compressed air source or generator. International application international publication of the date of entry into the country patent agent at the same time put 1 container under the overflow nozzle Agency Shanghai Patent and Trademark Office agency address agent wuminghua

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