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Photoluminescence safety sign plate printing process

Abstract: China's rare earth material reserves account for more than 80% of the world. China's chief designer Deng Xiaoping once said: "the Middle East has oil, and China has rare earth.", Rare earth minerals are China's strategic resources. Therefore, nano rare earth materials are the future development direction of our cause

photoluminescence safety signboard is a high-tech project with low investment, quick effect and high added value. So far, many people do not know and understand this product. There is still a large space in China and there is a broad market. Its social and economic benefits are immeasurable

key words: nano rare earth luminous powder printing

I. rare earth uses

China is the most abundant country with rare earth resources accounting for more than 80% of the world's reserves. It not only ranks first in the world in terms of reserves, but also becomes the largest country in the world in terms of production, export and application of rare earths. In order to effectively utilize and develop China's rare earth resources, China University of Geosciences successfully developed ultra long afterglow nano rare earth luminescent powder as early as a few years ago, filling the domestic gap

the product has strong light absorption, light storage and light-emitting functions, and can be used to make self luminous signs for fire safety passageways, luminous motorcycle safety helmets, luminous billboards, road luminous road sign signs, automobile reflective license plates, luminous paintings and other products. It is widely used in the Ministry of public security, fire protection, electric power, transportation, construction, decoration, railways, ships, aviation, posts and telecommunications, communications, airports, mines, hospitals, tourism, civil air defense engineering, arts and crafts, military facilities, electronics and electrical appliances and other social fields. It is a high-tech project with low investment, quick effect and high added value. This product is not only in great domestic demand, but also has a broader international market prospect (it can be exported to earn foreign exchange). The product is energy-saving, environment-friendly, safe and has a wide range of applications:

1. Short light absorption time, long light-emitting time and high brightness: the light-emitting material is not the same as reflective material or point emitting material. It can be irradiated for about 10-30 minutes under natural light, sunlight and light. It can continuously glow at night or in the dark and release high brightness afterglow of various colors for more than 10 hours

2. Good physical and chemical stability and long service life: the material can be exposed to sunlight for a long time, and will not blacken or deteriorate under high temperature (+500 ℃) and low temperature (-60 ℃) and other harsh environments or strong ultraviolet radiation. It will maintain a good luminous state, with a service life of more than 10 years

3. Safe, reliable, energy-saving and environment-friendly: the material has been tested by the authority to be free of any radioactive substances, non-toxic and harmless. 3. When the lifting frame and the drop hammer rise synchronously by pressing the forward rotation button of the lifting machine, there is no three wastes pollution. It can absorb and emit light by making full use of the natural light source without power supply or other artificial energy. It is a green environmental protection and energy-saving product

4. Complete variety of colors: there are yellow, yellow green, blue, blue green, purple, red and other luminous colors

5. Wide range of uses: the luminous materials are prepared with luminous paint, fluorescent ink, luminous printing paste, luminous plastic, luminous rubber and luminous leather. As the result of the desire of polar racing engineers to explore "how to use the technology behind the success of racing to improve the performance of Volvo cars on the Road (i.e. all road conditions in ordinary life)", luminous ceramics, luminous enamel Luminous fiber, luminous glass, luminous film, luminous calligraphy and painting, luminous resin products, luminous jade and other products

II. Market demand

with the development of economy, people's life is moving towards a well-off society, medium and high-rise buildings are increasing day by day, the state pays more and more attention to fire safety, and the functions of government fire departments are constantly strengthened, "How to reduce casualties" has been listed as one of the key points in fire fighting work.

when a fire accident occurs, power is usually cut off, the building is in a dark state, and personnel evacuation is a matter of vital importance. Therefore, the fire evacuation identification signs in the dark are listed as mandatory for fire fighting. The "September 11 incident in the United States" shocked the world because of the use of such products, many people can escape, greatly reducing casualties

fire signs are widely used in many fields, such as buildings, hotels, stadiums, airports, underpasses, hospitals and other places. At present, there is a lot of room for the application of luminous signs in China. Many people do not know and understand the product. Therefore, the development of photoluminescence safety signs has great prospects, and its social and economic benefits are inestimable Product design

use the luminescence principle of rare earth luminescent materials: use visible light to activate eu3+, dy3+ and other elements in rare earth luminescent materials, and the stored light can emit yellow and green light with a wavelength of nm in the dark. According to different places of use, environment and customer requirements, PyC rigid low foaming PVC plate or flame retardant ABS material is used to make fire signs. Working principle: in the daytime or under the light, the luminous absorption can reach saturation for minutes. When in the dark, it can last for more than 10 hours. The working process is: light absorption - light emission - light absorption - light emission, which can be repeated countless times. Rare earth luminescent powder is light yellow, so it is better to choose blue or green for PVC flame-retardant board of signs

the graphics and geometric dimensions of photoluminescence safety signs are required by national standards. Now the specifications are introduced as follows for reference only

1. Photoluminescence safety signs

functions of photoluminescence fire evacuation products: emergency evacuation instructions when people escape, guiding people to quickly leave the dangerous area and reach the safety zone by hydraulic clamping jaws, so as to avoid casualties

size (mm) material

120 × 330 3mm PVC plate

140 × 390 3mm PVC plate

190 × 530 3mm PVC plate

125 × 335 aluminum alloy or plastic frame

145 × 395 aluminum alloy or plastic frame

195 × 535 aluminum alloy or plastic frame

2. The photoluminescence indicator strip

is made of 3mm PVC plate, each of which is 1.2 meters long and 8 cm wide

3. The function of the photoluminescence fire equipment sign

fire equipment luminous orientation sign: guide people to quickly find fire equipment in the dark, shorten disaster relief time, reduce accident losses, and give full play to the efficacy of fire equipment

on the red PVC flame retardant board, the Yellow luminous ink pattern is printed, and the specifications are 8 × 8cm、12 × 12cm, 123. Finally, check whether the system setting of the tensile testing machine is normal × 18cm、18 × 18cm and other products

4. Photoluminescence safety warning sign

function of photoluminescence fire safety warning sign: remind people to pay attention to fire safety during the day or in the dark to avoid fire accidents

warning sign Figure 4

warning sign Figure 5

instruction sign Figure 6

5, photoluminescence building guide sign

6, Figure 7

product name and size (mm) material

unit plate 200 × 435 3mm PVC plate

floor plate 200 × 200 3mm PVC board

advertising floor board 200 × 600 3mm PVC plate

IV Luminous ink preparation

cyclohexanone solvent (industrial use) 50%

polychloroene resin (powder or particle) 20%

rare earth luminous powder (ultra-high brightness) 33%

rare earth luminous powder product specification

product name price (yuan/kg)

ultra high brightness 200 mesh 680

high brightness 200 mesh 450

medium brightness 200 mesh 270

low brightness luminous powder 160

production of high-quality "photoluminescence""safety signboard" products, In the attitude of being responsible for the safety of the people, we must choose the best ultra-high brightness rare earth luminous powder. Do not use substitute luminous powder to smash your own brand

v. plate making material

diazo photosensitive adhesive (solvent resistant)

polyester silk cloth (mesh)

VI. printing process

1. PVC plates are cut with a paper cutter, which not only saves time, but also is fast and good, with neat edges and corners, no burrs, and no scars on the plate surface

2. Before printing luminous ink, it is necessary to print a layer of plastic ink with white background, and then print the covering luminous ink. Because white has reflective effect, the luminous brightness is 100

3. It is found that the plastic ink is dry and easy to seal, which affects the printing quality. It should be mixed with slow drying agent

4. Whether printing white plastic ink or luminous ink, scrape from afar to the chest, and push the ink back from the chest to the distance. The scraping direction should be the same and the covered ink should be consistent

5. The amount of ink scraped on the PVC plate depends on the dynamic pressure of the scraper. The hardness of the scraper shall be 70 ° -75 °, the edges and corners shall be vertical and flat, and the length of the scraper shall be 2cm-3cm longer than both sides of the picture. The scraping angle, pressure and speed shall be well controlled by yourself, and necessary adjustments shall be made in time

6. When installing the aluminum alloy frame or plastic frame on the printed products, the edges and corners of the frame shall be polished smooth to avoid the feeling of roughness and hand cutting. At the same time, the included angles of the frame shall be clamped and shall not be loose. After the installation, it must be bagged immediately to avoid damage to the surface of the signboard, and the qualified products shall be packed and warehoused


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