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How to save money by buying floors? Xiaobian will give you tips so that you don't buy expensive ones, but only the right ones

how to save money by buying floors? Xiaobian will give you tips so that you don't buy expensive ones, but only the right ones

Hongxing solid wood floor

a, solid wood floor

solid wood floor is made of natural materials &mdash& mdash; Wood, processed by mechanical equipment, is characterized by maintaining natural materials &mdash& mdash; Properties of wood

1. Tree species

there are many tree species available for solid wood flooring, including rosewood and teak; Generally, there are maple, oak, Manchurian ash and Gamba beans; The cheapest ones are fir, pine, etc. the price difference is very large. When purchasing, try to choose natural color boards instead of dye boards. Try to choose tree species with stable wood properties to avoid ladle, twist, bend, crack, arch, sound and other phenomena in the long-term use of wood floors

2. Size

at present, the specifications and sizes of solid wood floors supplied on the market are longer and wider, such as 900mm× 90mm× 18mm, in fact, the wood floor should be short rather than long, narrow rather than wide, and should be less than 600mm× 75mm× The smaller the size of the 18mm floor, the stronger the deformation resistance. If the floor is used for ground heating, it should be thin rather than thick, generally 8 ~ 12mm thick

3, moisture content

moisture content of wood floor is very important. The moisture content of the purchased floor must be consistent with the local equilibrium moisture content. When buying a floor, be sure to measure the moisture content. If there is no moisture content tester, don't buy its board. The method of measuring the balanced moisture content is very simple. First measure the moisture content of the purchased varieties in the exhibition hall, and then open the box to test the moisture content of the purchased varieties of wood flooring. If the moisture content difference between the two is only +1% ~ 2%, it is a qualified product

4. Processing accuracy

use 10 floors to assemble on the flat ground, touch and see whether the processing quality accuracy and finish are flat and smooth, and whether the assembly of tenon, groove fit, installation gap, anti deformation groove and so on are closely connected

5. Base material quality

check the floor grade to see if there are board defects such as wormholes, cracks, decay, blueness, dead knots, etc. It is the natural attribute of wood that we should not be too strict about small knots and color differences. As for the natural texture of wood, most of them are chord sections, and a few are radial sections. If we want the same section, it is difficult to achieve in solid wood flooring, unless it is planed veneer veneer

6. Paint quality

whether it is paint spraying or roller painted floor, it is commonly known as paint board; Whether it is a bright or matte paint floor, when selecting, you should observe whether the paint mold on the surface of the paint plate is uniform, plump, smooth and free of paint leakage, blistering and eyelets. Among them, Cheng wants to put forward the wear resistance. It is recommended to choose UV curing paint. The market dealer is referred to as UV paint plate for short, and its wear resistance, scalding resistance and other properties are better than other finishing processes. Scald with cigarette butts for 20 seconds without leaving traces




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