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[] generally, it is not considered a good time to do home decoration before the Spring Festival, because the new year is approaching, and the construction workers will go home early for the new year, which will cause the project to cross the new year. However, there are many temptations for home decoration before the new year. Because of the low price, home decoration building materials have also reached the off-season of sales, and more special products have been launched. Many home decoration companies also take this as their selling point to attract consumers to decorate before the new year with the greatest preferential strength

◆ before the new year, home decoration was shocking, and the low price can't help but prevent

speaking of home decoration before the new year, Ms. Gao was angry. Ms. Gao said that she got the house key in November 2008 and planned to decorate it after the Spring Festival. However, she was moved by the publicity of a decoration company in the community. The company said that before the year, home decoration enjoyed a 50% discount, building materials products were guaranteed to adopt well-known brands in the market, and the project warranty period was two years. Ms. Gao calculated an account. If you can really give a 50% discount and use good materials to save half the expenses, you can save at least more than 20000 yuan

therefore, Ms. Gao signed a home decoration agreement with the company. The decoration began in early December, with a construction period of 45 days. The decoration could have been completed before the Spring Festival, but because the workers had to go home in advance, the project stopped after the wall was completed in early January, and some woodwork and top surfaces had not been processed. At this time, Ms. Gao has paid 90% of the payment to the construction party. After the Spring Festival, when Ms. Gao contacted the foreman again, her mobile phone and PHS could not be connected. Ms. GAO found the home decoration company and found that the office desks and chairs, building materials exhibits, etc. were all there, but the door was locked. After several searches, the company's personnel have never been found. However, Ms. Gao can only invite other construction personnel to do the rest of the decoration. The drawings and design data of decoration construction, which should have been handed over to Ms. Gao, are also available to the original construction personnel, and there is no way to obtain them

nowadays, there are a lot of news about home decoration discounts before the new year. Many consumers start decoration at this time in order to get a cheap home decoration. Professionals remind consumers that they must be vigilant to prevent home decoration companies from collecting money before the new year and disappearing after the new year

◆ choose a home improvement company to find out the details before signing a contract

according to Shang Jun, director of the marketing department of Xi'an home improvement committee, there were more than 100 home improvement complaints last year, down from previous years, and there are still cases of fake companies or home improvement enterprises fleeing with money and evaporating without reason. Shang Jun suggested that at any time, consumers should find out the details of home decoration companies when choosing home decoration companies, and be more vigilant about decoration before the new year, and beware of some unqualified or dishonest companies that make a profit before the new year and then evaporate

Cenguoqing, general manager of Haichuang Yibang home decoration company, said that when choosing a home decoration company, you can ask the relevant staff of the company whether the company is currently in arrears with wages and project funds; When you go to the construction site of the home decoration company, you'd better communicate with the owner and ask about the company's basic impression and project quality; Check whether the materials of the home decoration company arrive normally and whether the workers are stopping work for materials; If the company's business personnel promise to privately reduce the quotation by more than 20% before the company signs the contract, consumers must be vigilant; After choosing a home decoration company, it is best to go to the competent department or home decoration association to investigate the reputation of the enterprise, or learn about the relevant situation of the company through the network

during the construction process, many home decoration companies proposed to settle the project funds before the year in order to avoid the next year's accounts. At this time, the owner should give full consideration, but at the same time, we must take time to carefully check the decoration accounts and then calculate them. When settling the accounts, we must personally go to the construction site to strictly accept the construction projects. If the home decoration project crosses the new year before the new year, it is best to ask for the engineering drawings in advance or contact more people of the company. Of course, if it is a regular home decoration company, the construction drawings and project acceptance will be made into CDs and handed over to the owner

professionals remind consumers that the new year is a special period of time. At this time, the decoration company should pay more attention to the qualifications of home decoration companies and construction companies, and be alert that the construction companies suddenly disappear after the new year, the advance payment of consumers has disappeared, and the warranty commitment has also become a dead letter





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