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When the sun shines into the room through the folding door, you can feel the warmth around you; Suifu doors and windows think this is a scenery within reach at home Foldable doors do more than that

Suifu doors and windows tell you that aluminum alloy folding doors with folding opening mode are connected by multiple aluminum alloy doors; When in use, it moves horizontally against the upper and lower slide rails. Folding door can be used in home decoration, exhibition hall and other places

aluminum alloy folding door is light in weight and flexible in use. It has superior physical properties such as thermal insulation, moisture-proof, fire-retardant, corrosion-resistant and wear-resistant, and strong sealing

aluminum alloy folding door can improve the utilization of space. Whether it is installed between the living room and balcony, or on the kitchen and dining room, the folding design of folding door can save more space than other types of doors

the aluminum alloy folding door has excellent daylighting. It uses large-area glass with strong permeability to let light penetrate into the room, so the whole home becomes extremely bright. When using glass with weak permeability, the light is sufficient and privacy is guaranteed

the aluminum alloy folding door has rich and colorful styles, and the colors and textures can be matched according to the overall home style. It elevates the overall home taste, easy to attract attention, and is very popular

an aluminum alloy folding door stands in the home, separating the space. It decorates the home environment and forms a beautiful scenery. The space also increases or decreases with the opening and closing of the folding door. Aluminum alloy folding door and Suifu door and window are selected Is a good choice





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