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Nowadays, due to the upward floating of house price, many people have to buy cottage type, and this kind of residence may not have a separate study space because of its narrow area.

nowadays, due to the upward floating of house price, many people have to buy cottage type, and this kind of residence may not have a separate study space because of its narrow area, Therefore, many homeowners who love reading will transform their small bedrooms into study rooms, but such design concessions reduce the rest space in the home. However, with the improvement of life taste, study tatami has appeared in many families, which will not occupy the rest space, but also be able to read comfortably. What is the role of study tatami decoration? Now let's go and have a look with the noble Xiaobian of Hong Dynasty

what are the functions of the study tatami decoration

1. Let reading become a kind of enjoyment

the fast-paced life of the city makes many people fall in love with the quiet habit of tasting a good book, so the dress up of the reading area has become the highlight of home decoration, and the design of the study tatami makes many readers more enjoy it. No matter what posture, it can make readers have the most comfortable state, However, when decorating, we must pay attention to its use, so that tatami can help readers relax and feel more comfortable

2. Make the family cleaner

with the extension of living time, there will be more and more sundries in each room. At this time, the powerful storage function is very critical. The study tatami not only has a large capacity sundry cabinet, but also makes the home as clean as possible. Therefore, when designing, we must consider the function of the study tatami to contain sundries

3. It can add a sense of beauty

the decoration of this kind of room will increase a certain degree of beauty. For many users, the reading area is a place with a more artistic style, and it can also rest and relax. Most of the materials used in tatami are wood. The combination of the two is very helpful for the overall effect style and exudes a sense of artistic elegance

three principles of tatami design in the study

first, reasonably plan the space

from the current situation, tatami is mostly used in the hall and reading area. Of course, some users will also layout the bedroom in this style. The advantage of tatami is that people can sit on it and rest, but because the study space is smaller than the living room, there are also some detailed requirements for designing it as tatami, For example, in the design, we need to plan the space reasonably to ensure that the bookcase has enough area to place

second, pay attention to color matching

don't ignore the matching of colors in the layout. Many users feel that there is no connection between tatami and the wall and the ground in the reading area. In fact, there is a very strong connection between them, and they should be consistent. Of course, there can be some differences. The color of tatami can be changed through mats, while the color of bookcase, wall and floor must be unified

third, ensure the function of tatami

tatami may not be set in the reading area for reading. From the current situation, many homeowners who receive guests like to go to the study, so the design of tatami allows everyone to sit together and taste tea after entering the study, which is a very happy thing for middle-aged men

summary: the above is about the content of the decoration function of the study tatami. I believe most readers have a further understanding of the decoration function of the study tatami. If you want to customize tatami, you are welcome to follow the official website of Hongchao aristocracy, make an online appointment with Hongchao aristocracy home designers, make an appointment for door-to-door gauge design for free, and customize your furniture





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