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What is the difference between Skyworth 55h5 and 55h6? Which one is better

recently, many friends have been asking what is the difference between Skyworth 55h5 and 55h6 and which is better? The following is an introduction to the differences between Skyworth 55h5 and 55h6 on 55 inch TVs. I hope you can choose Skyworth 55h5 and 55h6 TVs for your friends who need them. Let's learn about them as follows

I. which is the difference between Skyworth 55h5 and 55h6

Skyworth 55h5 and 55h6 TVs are full screen, artificial intelligence, ultra-thin, 4K ultra clear TVs. The main difference is that they have different time to market, their appearance and size are a little different, and their configuration and functions are similar. This Skyworth 55h6 is relatively thin. What I started with is that this Skyworth 551 must adjust the position of the adjustable retaining ring. H5 TV has high cost performance. The screen is hard screen, the video is smooth, and the sound is very clear, It feels pretty good. The picture quality is clear and powerful. My family likes it

check Skyworth 55h6 latest quotation comments; SKYWORTH 55h5's latest quotation and advantages and disadvantages, such as evaluation of serious dirt infarction or damage points

II. Configuration comparison:

1. Skyworth 55h5 configuration parameters:

III. comparison of user comments:

1. Skyworth 55h5 user comments: received TV for many days. Now I have time to evaluate. First of all, Skyworth's brand is quite good, needless to say. The display effect and color of this TV are very good, and the logistics is also relatively fast. Sending pacxpert has gradually set off a new trend of flexible packaging around the world. The flow of goods upstairs is also very good after-sales. The sound quality is also great. It's good to buy this at this price. It's a little better than I thought. 55 I think it's very big. The quality and brand are both good

2. Skyworth 55h6 user comments: TV bought for new house! SKYWORTH brand TV is of good quality. It is also used by Skyworth when getting married. The new house is equipped with household appliances. Without saying a word, I bought Skyworth TV directly. It's still good to watch the startup picture! Finally, say customer service Tangbao, bang bang! Considerate service


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