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Fault analysis and elimination of paper feeding part of offset press

the paper feeding part is an important part of offset press. Its main function is to transport the printing sheet to the printing unit orderly and accurately. There are many working parts in the paper conveying part, and they cooperate with each other in the paper conveying process to ensure the normal conveying of printing sheets. If any working part is improperly adjusted or worn, loose or out of position during paper feeding, it will hinder normal paper feeding

in my work, the author encountered the problem that the paper stop of the paper feeding stop tongue does not swing properly and sometimes does not fall down, which hinders the normal paper feeding. The paper stop swing of the paper stop tongue is driven by the shaft to rotate its cam, and then the cam pushes the paper stop tongue to swing the paper stop through the swing rod and connecting rod. Its movement law is that when the paper delivery suction nozzle delivers the paper forward, the paper stop tongue will fall down, and the lower machine: each template is made by bus technology. When the paper passes over the paper stop tongue, the paper stop tongue will return to its original position. The falling of the paper stop tongue is pulled by the spring, and the reset paper stop is pushed by the cam. After checking that the cam and spring work normally, I remove the connecting rod and use the manual swing rod to push the paper stop shaft to rotate. When the paper stop shaft rotates inflexibly, the reverse rotation is relatively tight, so the paper stop of the paper stop tongue cannot be reversed when it swings

when checking the three support points on the paper stop shaft, it was found that the middle support point was not fixed tightly and moved. Because the rotation of the shaft requires three support points to be on the same straight line, and the impact force on the middle support point during rotation is relatively large. Once it is not fixed tightly and moves, it will produce negative force. The frequently used materials of the shaft are excellent carbon steel 35, 45 and 50, and the inversion of the paper retaining tongue is pulled by the electronic and electrical spring with strict requirements on wear resistance, flame retardancy and antistatic. The tension of the spring itself is small, and once there is resistance, it will not fall down, Affect the normal paper feeding, retighten the middle fulcrum, clean the rotating parts under the fulcrum and the shaft, and apply oil. After startup, the paper feeding is normal

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